SEPTEMBER / by Brendan Fernandes

September is here! This month I am excited to share that I am opening a solo show of my works at the Varley Art Gallery in Markham, Ontario.  This show explores the orientalist ballet "La Bayadere" and the roots of the "arabesque" as a semiotic and dance position.  The show opens on Sunday September 20th with a reception, artist talk and performance from 1-4pm .  As well I will be creating a site specific window installation and performance for Mixed Greens in Chelsea, NYC opening September 10th from 6-8pm.  Lastly on September 11th at 6-8pm I will be on a panel at The 8th Floor Gallery speaking about language and performance.  This talk is part of the public programming for the exhibition "Between Body and History".  The show has garnered much press and I am especially proud of the review in Forbes Magazine that highlights my work with forerunners in the art world.    

Headline   from Forbes Magazine July 29th 2015

Headline from Forbes Magazine July 29th 2015