whitney biennial 2019 : may 17-SEP 22, 2019


Dear Friends, 

Announced today in the New York Times -  I am truly honour to share with you my participation in the2019 Whitney Biennial. For the past months, I have been working with the incredible curatorial team and my dear friends, Jane Panetta and Rujeko Hockley, to create an exciting installation for this exhibition. I want to thank the many staff at the museum and my gallery — Monique Meloche Gallery — for their hard work in the lead up to this event. 

Since graduating from the Whitney's Independent Study Program in 2008, participating as an artist in the Biennial has been a career-long goal of mine. As humbled as I am to have achieved this goal, I am also aware of the criticisms and calls for action being made by W.A.G.E. and other NYC artists against the Biennial. Having worked so closely with the curators over these last months, I have decided that the best way to express social solidarity in this situation is to support the curatorial vision of this team. Both with respect to the Biennial and in their many other pursuits, this team has moved mountains to support and promote the voices of women, people of colour and queer artists. I am certain that the best way to achieve the fairer compensation and financial transparency that W.A.G.E. is seeking is to support of the work of curatorial projects such as these, with women and queer people of colour at the helm, and the best interests of artists at the heart.

I am overjoyed to be sharing this news and hope that many if you will be able to join us at the opening of the Biennial on May 15, 2019, and at for the many events and programs to follow. 

In solidarity, and now, more than ever, sending my best. 



Guggenheim April 11
Whitney Biennial, May 17-Sept 24
Smithsonian American Art Museum, June 9
MCA Chicago, June 18-Oct 13
Noguchi Museum, Sept 11
Zilkha Gallery | Wesleyan University, Oct 2
Monique Meloche Gallery, Nov 2019